The 16 best swimsuits for women in 2021



When it comes to the beach, pool, swimming, or have fun in the sun you should have a great swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and that fits you right.


As 2021 summer is coming you want to look good and have a unique style on what you wear. Every year things are changing and you don’t want to keep using the same type of swimsuits.


Stay Fitness know that you want to look good in what you wear. So we are going to show you the best cute and attractive swimsuits that you can get online.




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1.Vintage Swimsuit

Vintage Swimsuit

Tempt me


This top & bottom is pretty gorgeous. A Nice and thick material! You can adjust the straps under the main hooking strap. Wearing it during a beach vacation, in a swimming pool, or honeymooning in Hawaii will be a perfect fit for u.

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2. One Piece Swimsuit

One Piece Swimsuit
Tempt Me


This style is unique with the mesh insert and high neckline. It is a very sexy swimsuit while still making you feel covered up. If you are a girl that’s a little tall this suit is perfect for you.

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3. Micro Bikini Monokini Swimwear



If you have a sexy body, Why hide it? This one is curves naked. Hold your upper body really tight. good to wear for a pool party or when you go on a cruise and want to show off your body.

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4. Tankini Swimsuits

Tankini Swimsuits
American Trends


This one is very nice, perfect for you if you are bootylicious. It is an ideal swimsuit for somebody hoping to wrap up the belly & back, very reasonableness, and high quality.

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5. Knot Adjustable Bikini

Knot Adjustable Bikini


 This one’s designed to look like it’s knotted in the front. It’s very decorative, and a really beautiful bikini. Will fits your body very nicely and is really comfortable. You will love the way u look with it.

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6.Halter Brazilian Thong Swimsuit




You will be surprised with the quality of the material for the price that it is. This bikini is adorable and of good quality. It is tight enough for all types of body.

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7. High Cut Thong Fashion Swimwear



If you have a slim body this would be perfect for you. High neck design covered almost full upper body. You will feel very flexible in this swimsuit and you will enjoy having it on.

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9.Leopard Print  Bathing Suit

Leopard Print  Bathing Suit


Very comfy and supportive. Make you feel confident and sexy. The top is really flattering and doesn’t slip. The string can be used in some ways, can put the string in front or around your neck. Can also remove the string.

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9. Smocked Bikini Swimsuit 

Smocked Bikini Swimsuit


The nature of the bathing suit is too acceptable, the cost is satisfactory, modest as well as attractive, the top is especially agreeable to wear, not uncovering, and the style is additionally retro. By and large, it is suggested!

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10.Lace Up Straps Swimsuit



The fabric is of good quality. Looks good on curvy girls. The top offers some good support and the design is really nice. Offers some good body dimensions.

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11. Flounce Bikini 

Flounce Bikini 
Tempt me


The top has that flowy component that is mainstream at this moment. You will be happy with this swimsuit. It is a great-looking product.

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12.Brazilian Thong Triangle Bikini




This one will fit completely on your hips in addition to the ideal measure of inclusion on the goods. The high-cut leg causes you to feel like an Instagram model. It’s a genuine diamond.

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13. Leopard Bikini Buckle

  Leopard Bikini Buckle



This will be your new favorite swimsuit. It is a really different swimsuit that has a split of a Chita print and another half other colors. there are many types of colors that you can choose click shop to see now.

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14. Long Sleeve Swimsuits



A show-off swimsuit that has great chest support and the top is really comfortable. You will get so many compliments because it’s a new style for 2021.

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15. Stripe Tassel Swimsuit 

Stripe Tassel Swimsuit


This bathing suit will exceed your expectations. This suit is of exceptional quality. 100% like the $100 suit you can order from other retailers. You will fall in love with this bathing suit.

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18. Bikini Maxi Swimsuit  Bikini Maxi Swimsuit 



Are you still looking for the best swimsuit for a pool party? well, this is what you are looking for. It’s extremely sexy and fits just right. The material is sturdy and works well in the water.

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4 thoughts on “The 16 best swimsuits for women in 2021”

  1. MIchel says:

    I have a similar swimsuit to the tankini one you advertise here, and I must say it is really versatile, as you can wear it around the pool, and you can go from the pool deck to dinner and just add some jewelry and pants, as the top is very pretty to wear in the evenings. Mine is black which makes it great for evening wear.

    I also love the one-piece swimsuit by Tempt Me. Very Pretty.

    1. Venche says:

      Great to hear from you, Michel, yes the tankini can be wear also to go out or have some fun somewhere as it covers the belly and back it is a pretty good swimsuit.

      Thanks for your feedback,

      Stay Fitness

  2. Ann says:

    I’m looking to exercise with the swimsuit I buy. A traditional one-piece swimsuit will cover my entire torso, so it’s the most modest option too. A one-piece swimsuit seems to be my best choice and I like the mesh insert and high neckline shown in the option you present here on this post.

    1. Venche says:

      The one-piece swimsuit is good to use for exercise, you will feel very flexible in it and it does stretch well. It’s good to know that our users like the swimsuits. Stay fitness really appreciate it.


      Stay fitness

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